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With over 10 years of live performances behind me

In a wedding, the key is how the best man, and the musician can work together. Peter is amazing, I even joined him for a few songs! I wish us many more weddings together.

Best Man

Peter was performing with his band 'Peter and Friends' at our fest. It's hard to find reliable people among musicians, but Peter is definitely one of them.

Street Music Festival Organizer

He turned up the volume, and we just danced all night long. Love this man, I'd recommend him to anyone for the wedding.

Caesar Family
Newly Weds

Peter was playing on the 50th birthday of my father. He actually took the time to learn my father's favorite songs.

Birthday Party Organizer

Our 25th wedding is gone, and cloud not have been better. Many thanks Peter for the quality music.

Palfy Family
25th Wedding Anniversary

Have a real party

Live music can make your party real good. The atmosphere is totally different. Just think about concerts. It's not a coincidence that they are playing live music there...

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